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Nepoata la Korcula (Croatia)

septembrie 9th, 2007 by koma

Si ca sa fie colectia de nepoti (aproape) completa, adaug iesirea varului meu (filiera ungara) in Croatia, unde aportul meu s-a limitat in a`i imprumuta un aparat digital pentru marturia unor clipe deosebite.


The greenest, most independent and most interesting of Croatia’s 1,000 or so islands, Korcula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Very much a law unto itself – as you might expect from a community that resisted the sieges of centuries – Korcula town is a mini-fortress enclosed with honey-coloured stone walls that contain hidden treasures, from icons to Tiepolos, as well as architectural delights in every narrow, cobbled street.(sursa)

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  1. tina Says:

    tot nepotelu romanesc e mai dragut sau el nu e nepotel? baiatul surorii=??? cre ca nepotel…da nepotel..sper ca nepotel…

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